The Performance Measurement Program


Performance measures, wether formal or not, are amnogst the most important management tools; they enable managers to review the progress of the system managed and keep guiding it, they enable the rest to evaluate their work, they raise accountability and anable effective communication, they supply decision making valuable information and above all they guide behavior.

In a world where you need to run fas just to stay in place, and run even faster for advancing, the performance measures the organization uses starting with top management and across the organization practically dictate the results the organization achieves as a result of its regular operation and the benefits realized from its improvement efforts.

Measurement that incentivizes desired behaviors, presents a clear picture of the situation and supplies information useful for making effective and efficient decisions strengthens the organization, its competitiveness and its survivability.


  • Acquiring knowledge, tools and methods that will enable participants to plan and implement an improvement program to their own production environments measurement system.
  • Reviewing the commom performance measures (in different organization levles) and understanding the effects of using them
  • Identifying possible failures of common measurements.
  • Classifying measurements; Performance measures vs. decision support ones, operational performance measures vs. financial ones and more.
  • Identifying and defining the key performance measures and understanding their inter-relationships.
  • Creating a synchronized measurement system.
  • Measuring and continouos improvement.
  • Mapping the ways improvements in production perforthe measuring system contribute to business performance.

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