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Customer testimonials:

“I have known Mickey since 2003. I have worked and experienced him performing consulting, training, and strategic planning. Our common ground was using the body of knowledge in the Theory of Constraints. Mickey has a brilliant mind, he is an excellent strategic thinker and has helped many companies improve themselves on nearly every continent.”
Rocco Surace
Managing Partner, Gaines Kriner Elliott, LLP
“Mickey is one of the brightest and most capable consultants I have ever met. He has an extraordinarily quick and logical mind. He is decisive. Mickey's experience allows him to get dramatic results in a very short time. Don't hire him unless you want really big improvements and are committed to doing your part to make it happen.”
Henry Fitzhugh Camp
CEO and Owner Idea LLC
“Mickey is an expert in TOC. He brings huge energy and passion in the implementation of TOC to improve overall performance of the organization. He is an excellent trainer.”
Saumen Chakraborty
CFO Dr. Reddy’s
“Mickey is very dynamic and powerful person. He is aggressive change manager and thought leader. He is at his best when convincing senior management of companies for need to adopt new approach. His conviction and commitment to the organizational transformation is total. I was lucky to be part of 10 days of intensive change management workshops for senior management he conducted at Dr Reddy's during 2007-2008. That has changed my thinking and approach in dealing with any problem. I am sure he will continue his passion for organization transformation and the industry leaders will benefit from this.”
Vilas Dholye
COO Dr. Reddy’s
“Mickey was the lead of a major organizational change effort when I worked with Dr Reddy's. In fact his brilliant 12 day orientation to the leadership team mesmerized us with the logic of his thinking and the optimism of his belief! Extremely insightful, he brings tremendous contrarian thinking to the table, generating debate and ideas. He has enviable energy and a very positive ability to influence, all exceptional qualities all of us would like to acquire!”
Prabir Jha
VP HR Dr. Reddy’s
“Mickey helped me to understand, adopt and implement the theory of constraints as a management philosophy. The results were amazing and while I was the CEO, I don't underestimate his major role and contribution to the success of the company”
Avi Domoshevizki
CEO Seabridge

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