Effective Solution Modifications

Are there are cases where key basic assumptions behind TOC applications do NOT apply?

About the event

Behind each of the TOC applications there are several key basic assumptions. While those assumptions are valid in many situations, there are cases where they do not apply. Thus, the regular documented TOC solution should be modified. There are “natural” modifications required like setting buffer sizes, but in other cases the modifications call for adding and/or replacing injections. In this workshop, Mickey, in a conversation with Eli Schragenheim, would present several examples of a need to deviate from the prescribed solution, but still be in line with the key logic and insights that created the original solution, covering all negative-branches. The examples would cover Production, Projects and Replenishment and through them a pattern on how to identify a valid need to deviate from the solution and how to find the effective modified solution that still conforms to the basic insights.This 2 hour webinar will include the presentation along with a Question and Answer session.

about the presenters

  • Mickey Granot has more than 33 years of management consulting experience, globally. He is renowned TOC expert that for many years worked jointly with. Dr. Eli Goldrat and was responsible for the development and dissemination of Theory of Constraints (TOC) body of knowledge and eventually was the CEO of Goldratt Group. Mickey personally lead numerous TOC based strategic growth implementations and was responsible for many more. He has worked with world leading companies such as Nike, Adidas, Boeing, tata, Dr. Reddy s and many more in various industries sizes and often was instrumental in the realization of breakthrough performance.
  • Eli Schragenheim is a well known international management educator, author and consultant active in various fields of management like corporate strategy, decision support, innovation, supply chain, project management, shop-floor control, IT and HR. He worked with huge variety of organizations all over the world, including public-sector organizations, industrial, high-tech and start-ups. Since he had joined Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the famous creator of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) in 1985, Eli Schragenheim had taught, spoke at conferences and consulted all over the globe, including the US, India, China, Japan, Canada, Britain, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Israel, Germany, Italy, Belgium, South Africa and Australia. He taught and trained high-level managers and consultants to use TOC in the most effective way in all the above countries.

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