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If it is not broken - nevertheless Fix it

If it is not broken – nevertheless Fix it!

It is commonly stated by managers that if it is not broken don’t fix it, indicating that the key motivation for improvement should be an existing problem. I do not think so, the key motivation for improvement should be – being better. Because, if you are not constantly becoming better, if you wait for things

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Information technology

Information technology, business and the art of missing opportunities

Information technology has been advancing rapidly for decades now. Businesses moved from literally having no technology to being loaded with it withing just a few decades. But do most businesses take the appropriate advantage of these new capabilities? Unfortunately, my experience, shows they are not. And even worse than that, it is so very common

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Shortening the distance to money

Shortening the Distance to Money

One 0f the more important tasks of companies is to develop and sustain a competitive advantage. It often seems to me that when coming to business people forget their lives and walk into an imaginary world they have created. A world where they collect evidence to support their vision of the imaginary world. In this

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Saving money or Making money?

As a management consultant working with top management worldwide for many years, I constantly meet management teams that are immersed with the quest of reducing cost. It is common for top management to have a yearly goal of cost reduction and for all levels of management to be investing effort in finding ways for meeting

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